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designserve-100.jpg is proud to present Gunnar Jonny's Technics Keyboards WebSite

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Hello there, nice to see you peekin' in!


You are most welcome as a visitor on this WebSite. Maybe you'll find something of what you're looking for, or maybe you don't.

Anyway, just be happy! Hopefully you'll get a pleasant moment while you're here.

Technics Keyboards Pages

One of my heavy passions in life, is to have a lot of joy and fun exploring some of the real great inventions of the last century.

Technics KN keyboards should easily fit under that category.

Only too bad that we're not having any new models to come due to the fact that Technics (Panasonic) closed down the music instrument production.

What kind of stuff you're going to find:

Oh, did you really guess it? That the theme for this pages could be about these issues? OK, then let's see........

The keywords are: Composer-Patterns, (or Styles who also is a much used word about this things), Midi-files, Karaoke-files, Lyrics etc.

A quick and easy way to convert styles from other keyboards so the patterns can be loaded into the Technics KN series, is possible by use of special software like the EMC Styleworks or the convertdisk added to the keyboard package.

At the moment you can collect that kind of files from this pages too. Yet, there are only files I have found surfing around the World Wide Web that I've "quick" converted and made downloadable.

I am trying very hard to avoid copying any of the other Web-Masters work, but as you already know, there are many files available around the web, and sometimes the files might happen to be very similar to others.


Here will not be any of the copyrighted Technics KN files, such as software manufactured by i.e Technote, Algo-Rhythm Software, Neil Blake, Mr.Music, Tastenshop, Carillon Studios, Midi-Spot or any other manufacturers available for you to download from my WebSite.

If you should happen to find any files of that kind, just tell me, and the files are going to be removed immediately.

Stylecollection and exchange of files:

Through the years as a KN user, I have build up a nice collection of such kind of original files.

The best, and also the recommended method to get all of those quality files,are of course to purchase it from the distributors or the dealers.

In that way we help to keep up the great work to produce more of the best stuff available for the keyboards we love to play on!

By the way, would you like to read the most recent information, or to find out about the "passwords" that you have to use to unzip some of the downloadable files?

[DesignServe Admin: Passwords are removed from these files and they are available for Members to download. Membership is FREE]

Well, then you should click right here and read through the messages.

Happy Playing :)