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Gunnar Jonny's Technics Keyboards WebSite information and news archive

Gunnar Jonny's Info & News: 2014

DesignServe Admin: I've maintained GJs original info and notes as they were because they are an interesting catalogue of the history of both Technics Keyboards and the Internet. I remember well having to access the Internet using slow dial-up modems (and the huge phone bills that came with that!) as well as the expensive hosting along with the arrival and disappearance of many free hosting sites. I can only imagine how difficult it was to create and maintain these valuable pages for other Technics owners in the circumstances. GJs pages have been of tremendous importance to myself and others over the years, we owe him a debt of gratitude.

This infopage was started: 31.03.2000


I have recieved a few reports about problems downloading some of the files from this site. As mentioned before, this is only a personal website I'm running as a hobby, and it's totally free of charge for anyone to grab the styles / files they want to use. Due to the fact that the files are spread around at several free servers, there once in a while that sort of problems may occure, and also that servers is being shut down. If so, it take a lot of time to edit, reorganize, and upload the files to the new locations. Also restrictions regarding traffic and downloaded MB's in a week might cause problems to access and download from some of the hosts servers.

I whish I could offer you a stable provider, with all the files gathered from the same host, and also my own .com, but my phonebill is already on the edge of the limit of what I can afford to spend to extend this service any further than it already is. Anyway, grab what you can and have fun while it's still there, it's too late when it's gone ! :-)


Yesterday I could see that the counter was passed 40.000 visitors !! Wow, that's really unbelievable, and also a kind of scary. :-)

Knowing that there is so many of you out there who keep an eye at this little corner of the web make me very humble, indeed, and what to conjure up to keep you contented in the time to come, it's hard to figure out.

Anyway, as they use to say: Those of us who's still alive, is those who's gonna see what the future will bring.......


During the time to come, I'm sorry to tell that you might find problems when try to download some of the KN files from this website.

This is because one of my providers of free server space is closing down the service, and there is quite a lot of files to move and also a huge amount of editing to do to keep the pages maintained.

If I manage to find a new free home for the files who is in the "danger zone", and the terms of condition suits the way this site is ment to be, then the broken links who'll appear will be fixed as soon as possible.

However, it's only some of the downloadable KN files, not any other parts of this sites pages or contents who will be the matter this time.........


Hopefully the download problems are history by now. A lot of work doing changes, editing and moving files to a new host/server should finally solve those matters.

Please tell me if you still find any downloads or other links who don't work, and I'll do as best as I can to fix it.


Uploaded some new stuff to the KN1000 page. Even if the KN1000 is starting to be quite an old model by now, there is still a lot of users out there (both new and experienced) that visiting my KN pages.

I'm very happy to be able to add some new stuff and provide some service for those users as well. :-)


During the time managing this WebSite, there have been quite a lot of questions about how to download and unzip the files for use on the keyboards.

Today the Technical Pages are updated, and you'll find an article about how to do this steps written by George Basnett. Thank you very much George, and welcome back. :-)


Well, today I could see the hit-counter passed 60.000 hits. I'm quite amazed about the heavy traffic, and also about how many of you out there who find this pages worth visiting.

The Forum, or GJ's MessageBoard is re-opened, and hopefully it will turn out to be helpful for those of you who find it worth using. Happy playing and posting. :-)


It's been a while since you've seen any big updates at this webpages now, and perhaps you may wonder if I'm still paying any intention, or if I'll continue to mainain this humble WebSite.

Oh yes I am, but there are quite a lot happening both at work and at the homearea, so there is simply not time enough to do all the things I'd like to do these days....

I've got hands on some new material to convert, so just be patient, peek in from time to time to see if I've managed to finish some goodies for your keyboard.


It's sure been quite a while since any new upload at all now, but now there is 28 new styles to find for the KN5000 as well as in the KN1000 section.

Also I can see that the "hitcounter" at the frontpage have passed 84.000 and still counting, so there most be a lot of you that still have'nt lost the interest in peeking in.

Usually I write a mail to thank all of the visitors that write comments in my Guestbook, but lately I have not managed to keep up with all the things I should have done, so instead I do it this way:

Thank you every single one of you, and please, don't forget to keep on the happy playing! :-)


The Guestbook is now history. It was a free service from the provider, but now they changed policy and want money to keep it up. This whole site is build on "free of charge" webspace from different hosts around the web, and hopefully this service will last for a while, if not, I'm afraid that the rest of this pages will be taken off of the web too.

Sad about the Guestbook who had so many entries from visitors living all over the world......

Anyway, the MessageBoard are still up and running, so feel free to use it while it's there.

Also added the latest converted Wersi files to the KN3000 page. Enjoy :-)


Sad news at the start of this new year. Matsushita who is the mother-company of Technics and Panasonic, (also National I think), have desided to close down the music instrument division. That most probably means no more new KN models :-(

Anyway, it's nothing we as consumers can do about it, other than continue playing and enjoy the KN's or the other Technics instruments we have. We're a kind of spoiled by real good and polite Technics quality, so our instruments will last for many years to come :-)



Quite a long time since any major updates now, and as they say, those who are waiting for something good are not waiting in vain.

At the KN5000 pages you'll now find 285 new styles converted from Roland G70. Enjoy :)

Btw, I'm really surprised to see that there still are a lot of visitors peeking in, today I could see that the counter has passed 105,000. WOW !!


Nothing much really, but added a new GuestBook since the old one got commercial and all the nice messages (several hundreds) from all over the world are gone. :(

Anyway, hopefully this one will last. It's a kind of a slow site, but it's free, so Please, just go ahead and write your comments, all of you! :)


Nothing much added or to to tell at the moment I'm afraid, summer holidays just finished, and the life goes on as usual. Well, as some people use to say, no news are most often good news. :)

Also I'm very surprised to see that so many still visit the pages. More than 112.000 hits and still counting. Amazing! :)


It's been quite a long time since anything been written here, but as they say: No news are usually good news!

Anyway, the pages are still up and running thanks to all visitors who tell me that they have found very helpful information and stuff here, and asking me to keep on. Thanks!

But how much more news and updates regarding Technics stuff to add, I'm not sure about, cause as you all know, no more new Technics keyboard will be produced...

Well, some changes probably going to happen here, 'cause a new "baby" is now added to the family. In the middle of December the good old KN5000 got company........

Ketron SD1

Ketron SD1 is quite different than KN5000, but it plays well, and the styles (pats) are very realistic and suitable for my way of use. The "live" feeling is just something that none of the other brands I've heard so far can beat.


Maybe I have to add a Ketron page to this website, who knows, only time will show. :)


Some of the downloadable files for KN2000 and KN3000 had outdated links due to a webhost closed down the server.I'm sorry that it took so long time before it was reuploaded and made ready for download again. Strange that nobody did mention it long time ago ....?

Anyway, now it's ready to grab, so just go ahead and have fun! :)


! Breaking News !

Ladies and Gentlemen, the good old Technics sxKN5000 has left the building...

It's on the way to a new home and a happy guy who sure will take good care of it.

More than 20 years as Technics explorer is now over. It's a bit sad, but there are other brands who still produce some wonderful "music-machines". So if it's Ketron or Roland to replace the empty space at the favourite keyboardstand in the future, only time will tell.

As you probably understand, there will not be more Technics related updates at this site, so download what you desire while everything are still up and running.

The pages will stay as long as nothing special happens, and maybe I'll start add some new Ketron stuff if or when I got the spirit, and also manage find some more spare time to spend.

Thanks for the looong ride folks, it has sure been a great pleasure!


Well, at last I got enough tempted, and a "good and look as new" Roland G-70 v3 will keep the Ketron SD1 with company. I'm looking forward to start explore it, guess the shipment is here before the weekend starts, probably at Saturday.

It's a little bit exciting, really. :)

Thank you Bill Gates, I love this little Cutie !

Thank's a lot to all of you visitors and contributors for all the great support during the work with this Web-Site!

Regarding the Passwords:

Some of the zip-files downloadable on this site needs a word or two to open, and you'll find the necessary words if you click right here.

The reason that I added the passwords was just for fun, really, but mostly to see if the visitors was downloading any of the files, or just was looking for other kind of stuff.

Regarding to such considerable numbers of e-mails I've received, and specially after I'd set passwords in the zip's, there are no doubt about that quite a lot of you people out there downloading the files. I'm happy if you are !! ;-)


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