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Technics KN3000 Styles

Technics KN3000 Styles: Converted from: SOLTON - KORG - YAMAHA - GEM - ROLAND - WERSI -TECHNICS or MIDI

KN3000 Styles

This files are only converted and saved by me,but not edited in any way. Some adjustments within the volume, instrument and sound settings i.e. you have to do by yourself.

KN3000 - Converted Styles - Composer Patterns Part 1

KN3000 - Converted From X1 To G1000 To KN3000

Many thank's to "A Wonderful Lady" for the great support!


The following files are here for your use, arranged temporarily. They include the files listed above.

Gunnar Jonny's KN3000 Styles

Passwords for Zip Files

We are working to remove the passwords from the files. In the interim you might require the passwords below.

Unfortunately the password for a few KN5000 files has been lost, we're working with Gunnar to re-publish these files.

kns1000...to3 = onlyforfriends
oldstuff = onlyforfriends

songs = gjg
KN5000to3 = gjg
songsKN2 = gjgtoo

Some Kn5000 page files = tkngjg5
Somre more KN5000 page files = gjg654 (for CVP209) 

PSR9-KN5 filer:

01 - 10 = happy-playing
11 - 20 = with-these
21 - 30 = brand-new
31 - 40 = converted
41 - 46 = psr-files

KN1000 files = kn1test

PSR 9000 Pro Password = pro9
Solton for KN5000 = sx1
Solton for KN2000 = sltx1