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This page is created to give you some useful Technical KN info.


I'm quite proud to have Mr. Alec Pagida as my very first guest to help me out with details regarding questions in incoming e-mails from the visitors.

Also I'm very proud to add Bob Hendershot's KN5000 "How to" Pages as a part of my WebSite, it sure helps quite a lot to lift this site to a more informative level.

Thank's Bob, your pages will now continue as a part of my WebSite. However, some edit and layout changes are done by me.

Also many thank's to George Basnett. He have got his own corner here, and he have also put new life into the re-opened Forum, or as it is called, GJ's MessageBoard.


The Special Guest Pages

Alec Pagida's KN Corner

About all the KN files and what they do

Bob Hendershot's Web Pages

The Technics KN5000 How To Pages

[Ed: Bob's pages are still on Gunnar's hosting at present]

George Basnett's Corner

General Guide Notes for Download Procedure
My way with Sound Edits
Notes on Orchestration Settings & Performance
My way with Sound Edits - Part 2


More Useful Stuff & Progs

Compatibility Between Technics Keyboards

This page shows you which Technics Keyboards are compatible with each other.

Operating Manuals for Panasonic / Technics Instruments

If you're looking for a specific User Manual or other information for your keyboard, if it is not in the Member's Area (your profile), please visit

Find the page relating to your instrument and initiate a discussion. We will respond as quickly as we can.

Other very useful Technics related programs


Maybe you'll be the next guest to write something for this pages?

If so, Please don't hesitate, just use the Contact page.